Full-Time MSFRM

The MsFRM program now allows domestic students both full-time and part-time options.

The course sequence under the full time option is as follows:

  • Fall I – 2 courses
  • Spring I – 3 courses
  • Summer I – 3 courses
  • Fall II – take 3 courses

Total – 11 courses (33 credits)

Graduation in the December of following year.

All course are lock-step and must be taken in sequence

Course Sequence

1st Semester, Fall (A)

  • Introduction to U.S. Capital Markets*
  • Financial Institutions – A Risk Management Approach
  • Financial Risk Modeling I

2nd Semester, Spring (A)

  • Financial Risk Management I – Equity Markets
  • Financial Risk Modeling II
  • Financial Risk Management II – Fixed Income Markets

3rd Semester, Summer

  • Financial Risk Modeling III
  • Special Topics in Risk Management (Seminar)
  • Legal and Internal Control Issues
  • Experiential Learning Requirement will begin

4th Semester, Fall (B)

  • Financial Risk Management III – Advanced Topics
  • Applications of Risk Management (Seminar)
  • Capstone (Experiential Learning Requirement will be submitted/presented as part of the Capstone class)

Optional Concentration in Quantitative Methods in Risk Management, Spring (B)

Concentration in Quantitative Methods in Risk Management

  • Excel Visual Basic Applications in Financial Risk Management
  • Financial Programming and Modeling
  • Advanced issues in ERM –  A Quant Approach