Why UConn MSFRM?

MSFRM Alumni and Student perceptions on the benefits of the MS in Financial Risk Management program at UConn.

Students Today, Huskies Forever


Reputation and Vast Alumni Network


STEM was a big selling point for me. Also, UConn's reputation and the vast alumni network in the finance industry.  The location of the program is ideal for someone who wants to get a foot in the door.  My favorite thing about my classmates is that they are smart, hard-working and always strive for more.  It builds up a very competitive environment that drives me towards being a better person.


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Jieqin "Jason" Lin, MSFRM Class of 2016

Jieqin "Jason" Lin, MSFRM Class of 2016

Albaraa Alyamani

Albaraa Alyamani, MSFRM Class of 2016


Tight-Knit Community and Friendly Staff


My interest in the financial risk management field and this program just fits my goal perfectly.  I believe it is more quantitative-oriented than other similar degrees.  My favorite thing about the program is its tight knit community and friendly staff.  If I could add one more it would be the locations - it gives us very convenient accesses to future job opportunities (NYC, Fairfield County, Hartford, CT and Boston).


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Great Location and Job Opportunities


I chose MSFRM because UConn has a great reputation and academic background.  But, I was more attracted by its great location and convenient transportation.  Connecticut provides its people a wonderful living environment,  My favorite aspect of the program is that I have access to a variety of jobs after graduation, specifically jobs that are great for experience accumulation.

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Yuanlu Wang

Yuanlu Wang, MSFRM Class of 2017

Megha Gaba

Megha Gaba, MSFRM Class of 2017


Wide Range of Curriculum


I particularly chose the program because of its wide range of curriculum, impressive faculty and specific activities such as seminars, guest speaker series and diverse student organizations.  MSFRM not only focuses on the curriculum but the training on Excel VBA, R and MAtLab gives real time experience.  Also, the Center for Career Development guiding students as per their interests.


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