Real World Learning

Capstone Presentation

Each student in the MSFRM Program must complete a Capstone Project and an Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR). These are the two most important ways the Program delivers on the "Real World Approach to Risk Management Theory."

Capstone Group Projects

Capstone Group projects are graded as part of FNCE 5344 and run like a consulting job. More information is below:

Capstone Group Projects

Capstone Group Projects

Participation in a company-sponsored risk management project that has been approved by the Academic Director. Submission of a final report to the Academic Director is required.

The Capstone Project runs like a consulting job. The MSFRM Program receives projects from many companies in a variety of sectors. These projects are challenging and provide a tangible link between academic learning and their applications in the business world. Through these projects, students gain exposure to real risk management situations and challenges that company executives and corporations encounter. Students enhance their presentation skills through face-to-face personal dealings with practitioners in the field of risk management.

Students join a team and designate a team lead. Advisors and a contact within the projects respective companies are appointed to each team. Students setup tollgates with their company contact and present their results and findings to their company at the end of their first spring semester.

Below is the list of companies that submitted projects in the past:

  • Hartford HealthCare
  • State of Connecticut
  • Ernst & Young - China
  • UConn Foundation
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Stutland Option Group
  • CME Group
  • Synchrony Financial
  • Wylan Energy
  • Echo Bay Partners
  • Tradeweb

Experiential Learning Requirement

There are many mutually exclusive ways for a student to complete the ELR, as noted in the student options below:

Internship or Job

Either a full-time or a part-time, paid or unpaid internship, or a full-time or part-time job, with an approved company or organization by the Academic Director. This requires a completed application that indicates risk management-related responsibilities/tasks, and that must be approved by the Academic Director.

Note: Students on an F-1 Visa will need practical training (CPT) authorization and must contact UConn International Student and Scholar Services for further information.

Student Managed Fund – SMF

The UConn, School of Business, Student Managed Fund is an investment fund endowed by the UConn Foundation.  The Selection committee accepts applications from graduate students in Hartford and Stamford who are committed, motivated, and disciplined individuals interested in understanding the valuation of companies, and wish to see the process applied in practice. This skillset will be useful for students who wish to pursue a career in investments, money management and many other careers in finance.

The selection criteria includes academic abilities, professional history, and an appetite for working in an intense team environment.

Students that apply, are selected and fully participate to be a part of the UConn, School of Business, Graduate Student Managed Fund satisfy the Experiential Learning Requirement.

Financial Risk Competitions

(as approved by the Finance Department Head or Academic Director)

Students may participate in competitions throughout their time in the program. Competitions are a great way to learn real world applications of risk management. Students are proud to represent UConn and our program.

Students have participated in the following competitions:

  • Rotman International Trading Competition
  • Chicago Quantitative Alliance Challenge
  • Professional Risk Managers International Association Risk Management Challenge

Group Student Project

Co-workers in a company-sponsored risk management project, which requires a proposal be submitted to the Academic Director for approval prior to project work starting and a final report that must be approved by the Academic Director.

Individual Student Project

Similar to the Group Student Project, but without project co-workers, this company-sponsored project requires a proposal be submitted to the Academic Director for approval prior to project work starting and a final report that must be approved by the Academic Director.

Global Research Paper

Similar to the Individual Student Project option, this Research Paper requires a proposal to be submitted to the Academic Director for approval prior to work starting, and then the final submission to be approved by the Academic Director. Unlike the Individual Student Project, however, this Research Paper will not be focused on a company-sponsored topic but rather on a global risk management topic of the student’s choosing.  Examples of topics include Risks Inherent in Business Expansion into a (specific) Foreign Country and Risks of Conducting Business in a (specific) Foreign Country.