Sponsoring Projects

Company-Sponsored Student Team Projects & Expectations

Project Goal: to provide students with an opportunity to apply the tools and techniques of financial risk management to a real life problem, and thus gain experiential learning.

Background: An integral part of this program’s two seminar and capstone courses, which expose the students to the current practice in applications of various risk management tools and techniques in real life situations, is a 1-plus semester project that must be completed to earn the degree. It is expected that teams of 3-5 students will complete development and execution during the Summer and/or early Fall, 2015, and finish the project to get full credit sometime before graduation in December, 2015. A very limited number of additional projects will be considered for start in Fall, 2015.

Project Sponsors Being Sought: We are actively seeking companies to provide projects. Please contact Chinmoy Ghosh to discuss possible projects:

Project Basics: The project must involve the analysis and solution of a problem in risk management and should ideally involve working closely with a sponsoring business or organization. Students are required to submit a project proposal (often based on the sponsor’s project description) which will identify the following aspects of the project: a statement of the problem and purpose; data requirements and sources; method for analysis and interpretation of results; and relevance of the project in the context of financial risk management. The preliminary proposal must be approved both by the Finance Dept. Head or his designate (Faculty Project Advisor), and the sponsoring firm to earn credit and prior to any data collection. Once approved, data collection can begin.

  • Project will fulfill the Experiential Learning Requirement as part of the Capstone course.
  • Sponsoring company involvement and time commitment will vary by project, but company approval of the the project proposal and providing data is critical. Companies are expected to at least pay costs for student on-site visits (i.e. parking and tolls) for standard projects. Complex risk management and financial projects are also welcomed by UConn and supervised by the school’s students and staff.
  • Student involvement and time commitment will vary by project and by student, as international students have more time during the work day than domestic students who generally work during the day. Signing of sponsoring company confidentiality agreements is expected.