Career Opportunities

The Risk Management sector is currently as important as ever and continues to grow. Companies are still hiring, with many of our students receiving internships and working remotely.

Opportunities for MS in FRM Graduates

Graduates of the program will have multiple career options and/or advancements available to them.

Some graduates will return to their original positions where they will benefit in terms of enhanced career prospects.

The majority of graduates are expected to move into new jobs as they become more attractive to the risk management and financial services industries.

Students can join and avail themselves of all GARP benefits including use of its career job postings.

Risk Management Career Opportunities

Internal Auditing

Internal Auditing is a career path that nearly 25 of our graduates have secured employment in within the past three years. An internal auditor offers risk management and evaluates the effectiveness of a company’s internal controls, corporate governance, and finance processes.

Program graduates are also well-prepared for professional positions in:

Investment Banking

Commercial Banking

Central Banks


Asset-Liability Management

Risk Management & Consulting

Primary & Derivative Securities Valuation

Financial Information Systems Management

Securities Trading

Credit Modeling

Collateral Analysis

Portfolio Management

Risk Analysis

Index Options Analysis

Business Analysis