MS in Financial and Enterprise Risk Management Scholarship Award Policies and Procedures

  • Scholarships are merit-based.
  • Any applicant inquiring of a scholarship has their interest acknowledged and considered.  Requests for scholarships are reviewed after an application has been submitted.
  • Scholarship requests of admitted applicants are reviewed as they are received, and awards are discussed and made by the Scholarship Awards Committee in multiple rounds during the admissions season.
  • Once the scholarship Committee decides on an award, it is offered to the accepted applicant via a standardized, emailed Scholarship Award Letter that stipulates the conditions of the award and of its continuation during the student's program.  Recipient must acknowledge the letter's receipt and its acceptance in writing by a date set by the Committee.
  • Students may also apply to work on campus through our department and others.

Scholarships Available
A limited number of merit scholarships are available, apply now before they are all awarded. Contact the Program. The CFA Access Scholarship significantly reduces the enrollment and exam registration fees for the CFA Program (originally $390 for Standard Registration), as well as provide the CFA program eBook.

Prodigy Finance Education Loans
International students pursuing UConn's MS in Financial and Enterprise Risk Management are eligible to apply for Prodigy Finance Education Loans.  Prodigy Finance offers competitive rates to international students with no collateral required. Learn More.

Scholarship Questions?

Attend an upcoming MS in Financial and Enterprise Risk Management Infosession to learn more and get your questions answered.