Concentration in Quantitative Methods in Risk Management

We offer an additional semester of three courses, which will result in a Concentration in Quantitative Methods in Risk Management. This semester includes two courses on advanced and quantitative applications in Financial Modeling and Financial Engineering, and a comprehensive course on FinTech Applications in Risk Management.  This change will extend our 15-month program to 19 months, if taken full-time. The students choosing this option will graduate in May rather than in December. Domestic students may take this semester part-time, or opt into one or more of the courses without receiving the full concentration. Accelerated MSFERM students on an F or J visa are not eligible to take the Quantitative Methods in Risk Management Concentration. These students should consider applying for the traditional, full-time MSFERM program.

The courses for the concentration take place at the Stamford campus.

Concentration on Quantitative Methods in Risk Management (Additional 5th Semester) Spring (2)

Course Names:

  1. FNCE 5351 – Excel Visual Basic Applications in Financial Risk Management
  2. FNCE 5352 – Financial Programming and Modeling
  3. FNCE 5353 – FinTech Applications in Risk Management

Course Descriptions