Career Assistance

A Letter from our Executive Director on the Importance of Career Services


As the former director of our entire school’s career services, as well as the former head of another university’s alumni career services, and having run a large human resources firm in New York City, I have counseled well over a thousand job seekers in my career. I believe that the importance of career resources to students cannot be overstated, therefore below you’ll find an ever growing list of what our risk management program will provide our students.

We provide the tools and opportunities to our program’s students to start and advance their careers. However as I was told when I was graduating from Wharton Business School, a successful job or internship search is the student’s responsibility to initiate and to manage. With our guidance a student must himself or herself develop the resume, learn how to network and prepare for interviews. This is how our students must conduct and conclude a job search to become one of an increasing number of our “Success Stories.”

The challenge of finding a job or internship can be daunting, and for our international students it is especially difficult and we do not promise U.S. employment to international students. However, we do provide the resources students need.  This includes on-staff international counselor, Jiajia Chen, and a dedicated, very experienced career placement specialist, Peter Bennett.

Our career services staff, coupled with our program’s delivery of the learning and skills sought by employers, graduate highly effective, motivated, and employable students. And very importantly, we are a STEM-designated program, which to a U.S. employer means that they can generally employ an international student for up to 36 months after graduation…more than twice as long as a student from a non-STEM designated program.

As you’ll read, our students and graduates are joining an increasing number of very respected and recognized companies around the world. We invite all prospective students to review the contents of this section to confirm that our program will meet your career search needs and your goals.

Best wishes.

Jud Saviskas

Executive Director

UConn Risk Management Programs