Course Sequence

1st Semester
Fall (1)

  • Introduction to U.S. Capital Markets*
  • Financial Institutions – A Risk Management Approach
  • Financial Risk Modeling I

2nd Semester

  • Financial Risk Management I – Equity Markets
  • Financial Risk Modeling II
  • Financial Risk Management II – Fixed Income Markets

3rd Semester

  • Financial Risk Modeling III
  • Special Topics in Risk Management (Seminar)
  • Legal and Internal Control Issues
  • Experiential Learning Requirement will begin

4th Semester
Fall (2)

  • Financial Risk Management III – Advanced Topics
  • Applications of Risk Management (Seminar)
  • Capstone (Experiential Learning Requirement will be submitted/presented as part of the Capstone class)

We are excited to offer a new full semester of three 3-credit courses for the incoming and current cohort. This semester will include two courses on advanced and quantitative applications in Financial Modelling and Financial Engineering and a comprehensive course on Enterprise Risk management (ERM).  This change will extend our 15 month program to 19 months.  The students choosing this option will graduate in May rather than in December.

Additional 5th Semester
Spring (2)

  • Programming and Modelling for Financial Analysis
  • Advanced Analytical Applications in Risk Management
  • Seminar on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

*This course is designed for students who have limited experience and knowledge about the U.S. capital markets. This is a required course for all international applicants, but may be waived for students who have sufficient work experience and knowledge of the U.S. markets.